Estonian Academy of Arts presents: Jubilee events of ERKI Fashion Show 2012 22-24th May in Cafe Wabadus

ERKI Fashion Show marks this year a spectacular anniversary - 30 years and 25 fashion shows.

Let`s celebrate!

Jubilee events in Cafe Wabadus:
22th May: talk-show in cafe atmosphere with former players of ERKI Fashion Show
23th May: fashion show of Estonian Academy of Arts fashion brand HULA
24th May: Estonian film will celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2012 and together we will have movie night

Entrance to all jubilee events is free.

ERKI Fashion Show has been running for 30 years. And will continue another 30 years for sure.
What will the future bring? Well, let`s see tomorrow!

Jubilee events are powered by: Estonian Academy of Arts, Estonian Academy of Arts department of textile, TASE 12, Kulka, Nokia, Wabadus, Bellini, Kalev.